Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Embroidery Samples.

As well as creating a experimental print collection i also had to create a collection of embroidery samples .When creating compositions for the embroidery i did make them very abstracted but i didn't want it to be as abstract as i make my prints collection , so to define them i thought of more controlled and details designs for my embroidery work as i would give it a more professional feel.By creating a more controlled environment for my design it helped me to learn new skills and techniques and put them into practise throughout my collection.In my other colleges i did not really use hand embroidery a lot so it was when creating these pieces i now know that i have to devote a lot of time to make the pieces look right and up to a degree standard as i did find myself rushing when i came to the deadline of this project.Heres three pieces from my collection.

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