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London research - Liberty

One of my favourite shops and places to visit in London is Liberty's.I love all the fashion, fabric and design throughout the 4 floors.Also i really love the florist at the front of the store , the colours always match the time of year and the on trend seasonal colours , this is really good for colour and pattern inspiration as there is so much variety of flowers.Here are some photographs i took of the floral displays outside of libertys, i will add more of my photographs to show my design development work at a later date.

Delicate contemporary colours

Traditional strong winter colours

Texture & Colour
Photographs of some of liberty Christmas window display

I few photographs of pattern and fabric i think will inspired my new project.

Hermoine de paula

Vintage liberty collections

To see more of liberty Christmas floral visit there facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150416839147471.366294.52227762470&type=1

All images and text copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 

London research - Clifton gardens

As my theme will base on florals i wanted to find florals that are really interesting and unusual.My theme is showing beauty in chaos so i wanted to find flowers that will create shapes and patterns which are contemporary and innovative. Jennifer  & Karly recommended i visit clifton nurseries in London, as they took loads of good flower photos.I really love the location of the garden centre as it surrounded by a square of Terrence houses and the garden centre situated right in the middle almost like a secret garden.As its December the nursery is selling Christmas trees and outdoor/indoor decoration. Here are some images i took of indoor and outdoor of the garden centre.
Entrance to the green house

Christmas shop
Christmas shop

Colour & Glass inspiration
Me and Helen photographed by Becca James
Clifton nurseries

Some beautiful Orchids and seasonal florals , i will add more imagery when showing my concept development.

Exotic orchids

Pink tone orchid's 

Beautiful tonal hydrangea

Christmas holly

All images copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2011©

Saltburn vintage fair - For the love of vintage.

I decided to visit a vintage fair in Saltburn , as i was in the area to see if i could find any items ideas to inspire my final major project as i am particularly interested in looking at art deco and the 1940's style in design.I was very inspired by the variety of colour and objects that had been presented and there was a good mix of old and new.

Here are some postcards i purchased i loved the stuble spring colours and also the decorative pattern on the postcard as it reflects a art deco feel.

My favourite stall which was there was my old tutor stall Vicky Trainor , she specialises in vintage style wedding stationary but has printed card collections and also a vintage drawer collection.Here are a few photographs of her beautiful stall and all her gorgeous work.Here is a link to her website & blog :
http://www.vickytrainor.co.uk/ & http://vickytrainor.blogspot.com/

Northern lights interiors. 

I have mentioned this antique shop before , but the store has be re- visual merchandised and looks very interesting and seasonal. I took some photographs to inspire my new concept and also develop my ideas of colour and vintage designs.
Here the link to northern lights websites :http://www.northernlightsinteriors.co.uk/

Seasonally dressed desk

                                                              Beautiful fruit chanderlier
                                                                     Retro lighting
                                                                   Drawing cabinet

                                                          Lots of old & new objects

                                                         Postcards & Xmas cards

                                             Good examples of visual merchandising

Two companies business cards.
Links to websites above. 

All images and text copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2011©

Final major project/ Trend bible

Now my minor project has been handed in and marked i needed to develop my concept onto my final major project.I want to develop my ideas from my jumbled print clash final collection but make it relevant to a future trend.After handing in my minor project i started a placement at 'Trend Bible' A interior trend company which focuses and specialises in home and kids interiors.Trend bible is situated in Newcastle so its only a short journey compared to the one i made in Hampshire for mudpie.Each week i am learning more and more about trend forecasting and trying to develop my skills and experience which is needed to become successful in the trend forecasting industry.

Here is a link to the trend bible blog if you would like to know more about the company.
http://www.trendbible.co.uk/ or follow on twitter https://twitter.com/#!/TrendBible .

Minor project
I have listened to the advice i have been given from my tutors on how to develop my ideas for my final project , i was really pleased with my mark considering i had been on placement , so i now need to use my time wisely and really do everything i want to do within the 20 weeks and hopefully will be pleased with my final outcomes to present at my 2012 degree show.Over Christmas i really need to get my dissertation done and dusted so i can get it checked when i get back to college in January and handed in,doing my two placement in trends i was able to receive primary source material for my dissertation which is a bonus.So now i need to get my concept and visual drawings ready for returning in January.

Here is a preview of the trend bible site forecasting : Neon brights & Pastels for Spring/Summer 2012.

Thursday, 8 December 2011

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