Tuesday, 28 February 2012


As part of my final year of my course one of the requirements is to enter a competition.So i have sent a entry of one of my floral design development prints, which i thought best met the design brief.Here is the competition brief .

You don't have to look very far right now to see that one of the major trends for S/S12 is the wonderful world of pastels. Candy Floss and Ice Cream are just some of the words bouncing around every fashion magazine and blog and already the stores are full of outfits befitting of such descriptions. The challenge for this project therefore is to either create scarf designs in shades of pastels, or designs that will perfectly compliment a pastel outfit. The topic of your designs is entirely up to you.

4 winners will be selected for use on our range of Silk and Wool scarves. Winners will receive £300 and see their designs produced and sold in our online store, Topshop and more.

Here is the link to my design which has been entered onto the site, please leave me a rating of my work.
Thankyou Hana oxox

This is inspired by natural pattern. I have created contemporary mark making effects by using watercolour in a fresh way.Waterlily's where my main inspiration for this pattern as I tried to make them look emerged into the water.
  • Power Pastels

  All writing to be copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012

Friday, 24 February 2012

Guest Blogger for FASHION VIGNETTE

Here is my first trend concept post for the fashion blog Fashion Vignette . Each week i will try to create a concept which is directional but also easy to understand from a print/pattern view. This week i took inspiration from A/W collections and created a concept called 'Mighnight Merge' As you can see this concept is a follow up from the big trend of 'watercolor' patterns.I have seen here that designers have used a lot of natural inspiration and translated these ideas into abstract prints which have a lot of depth and texture involved.These are the key elements to this concept;


Creating natural pattern with abstracted nature

Natural imagery inspirations from : Fire, Volcano and Wild Forest
Futuristic Elements and Ideas - Forward thinking.
Development from S/S Watercolour trend.
Dark Natural colour palette with tonal yet bright accents.        

Here is my concept board i have created for PV . I am now a guest blogger for the site so i will be keeping you all up today with my blog posts.Please all take a look on http://fashionvignette.blogspot.com/ very inspirational and also gives a lot of direction when researching new trend ideas.

All writing and photographs copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012

Thursday, 23 February 2012

Featured Artist - Fashion Vignette.

I'm so thrilled to feature Hannah Marie Muers, a young and upcoming textileand surface designer and trend forecaster.She is currently finishing up her studies at the Cleveland college of Art & Design. Her experiences includes placements in the trends department at Hallmark, Mudpie Ltd mdpclick.com, and currently with Trend Bible.
She has a passion for vintage fashion and loves to shop and visit vintage fairs and charity shops. She is also inspired by vintage floral fashion prints and patterns which shows in her lovely work.
Visit her inspirational blog, HanaMarie.☮ where you'll find her showcasing her design work, inspirational trend research and fashion news. Below are examples of her inspirational trend research and textile design work. I chose some of her work that are still in the raw stages so you can see the depth of the work involved. You'll also be inspired by her textile design work in progress at different stages from inspiration, concept, development and to finished product.
I'm also excited to announce our collaboration where she will be Fashion Vignette's weekly contributor as a trend forecaster from the UK.

Yesterday http://fashionvignette.blogspot.com/ featured me and some of my work as a featured artist for the fashion blog sight. I was very happy that i had been selected but even more excited when i got asked to do weekly trend collaborations with FV giving my own personal concepts, and as the Blog is American i could maybe add a English touch.I am going to do at least one board a week so i will feature as a permanent guest blogger for http://fashionvignette.blogspot.com/.For anyone who has not visited this sight it is really worth a good look,its gives a good trend and colour insight , interesting features and just inspiration fashion advice and imagery.When my first Trend board features on the sight i will it uploaded on my blog and link it back to http://fashionvignette.blogspot.com/. Hope you enjoy and take a look at Fashion Vignette would love to here anyone comments and advice.oxo

All images & Writing copyrighted to http://fashionvignette.blogspot.com/ & Hannah Marie Muers 2012

Monday, 20 February 2012

Contacts & Trend inspiration

Whilst at PV i collected a lot of research and information about future trends , i also made notes about the trends i was picking up when looking though all the print designs.

For Spring/Summer 13 : Fabric
Full & Light - Elaborating full and light creating contoured shilohettes structured by delicate layering , playing on transparencies.
Fabrics are to have fluorescent energy with solar light diffusing cottons.Transparent fabrics to become More visible with the use of Lazar cut motifs and burnt out sections creating creative mutli layering.

Massive & Supple -Daring massive volume which is created with subtle textiles.Creating spimplicity but adding rich tones and contrasting natural elements with synthetics.Garments are finished by more contemporary techniques such as fusing and bonding rather than traditional sewing.Fabrics are to be double facing playing with print clash and textural elements.

Fluid long & Lean : Mixing up the idea of cities and sports creating a more fluid and active life.Fusing nature and technology to create a surreal and almost impossible vegetation.
Fabrics are to have sport and practical quality but designed in a more unique and relaxed way.

All writing and images copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012

Sunday, 19 February 2012

DEL RAY - Mulberry new bag collection

Since Lana's debut album went to no1 in over nineteen countries, the Youtube singing sensation 'Lana Del Ray' has inspired the latest must-have Mulberry bag which will be launched May 2012.
Her first hit Video Games was played at the Christopher Kane show last season show.I  blogged about the show and how her song made such a impact to the feel of the collection and predicted a big things for her in 2012 . She has made a great  impact within the fashion world and media and every designer wants a piece of her .Mulberry's Creative Director Emma Hill got to the singer first and requested Lana to sing at the fashion brands Pool Party.Emma Hill was enchanted by Lana nostalgic feel and how she has such a retrospective yet fresh look on old school glamour.Mulberry thought they could create a bag that was timeless but has a refined and elegant look which will suit any young fashion conscious women.
This idea for creating bags in honour of girls of the moment such as Alexa Chung has created a big turnover for Mulberry as a brand, The 'Alexa' bag was such a big success so Mulberry are hoping great things for Del Ray.This collection of bags will be launching in May 2012 as part of the A/W 12 collection which has been shown at London fashion Week.The bag is being created  in Deer Brown Grainy Print, Black Forest Soft Matte, Black Soft Spongy and Petrol Veg Tanned Lambskin leathers.There will also be a over sized Del Ray bag on the Catwalk show similar size to the over sized Alexa these will be available by September 2012.
Lana has commented on the collection saying " I love the design, a perfect mix between old Hollywood and contemporary style.It's a honour that such a classic prestigious brand would name a bag after me." 
 Prices start from £795, so i better  start saving now...

I have added this gorgeous bag to my wish list !

Lana Del Ray @ London fashion Week 2012 -Mulberry A/W 12 - Modelling The Del Ray bag.

All writing copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012 


Friday, 17 February 2012

CCAD: Textile & Surface degree Blog

Here the link to the new CCAD degree show blog.Keep up to date with all the students work and follow each students blog to see the journey and development of there projects right up to the final degree show.


Topshop - Supporting New Designer 10 Year NEWGEN

NEWGEN Tshirt collection is launched today 17/02/12 ! . Ten designers from over ten years have teamed up with topshop and have created exclusive print tshirts. Each tshirt is priced at £30 which is not bad considering they will be archived as piece of history.Each shirt bought £7 will be donated to the centre point registered charity. Quick get yours now they are selling out fast !

Here some images of the t shirt's designed by some of my favourite designers.


Holly Fulton
Marios Schwab

Mary Katrantzou
Meadham Kirchoff

All writing copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012

Concept boards - Trends

Here is two concept boards to explain my trends in a visual view. I have choose a range of imagery to show different direction and angles to my trend.

All images copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012

Thursday, 16 February 2012

PARIS - PV - Indigo

On Wednesday i visited Premiere Vision in Paris.This trip was very inspirational for my current design work for my final major project but also very important for my networking skills . Throughout the day i visited various design & trend companies handing out and my press packs with the hope of gaining a placement.I received a lot of positive feedback and now have more connections within the industry i wish to learn more about. Over the weekend i will try to get back in touch with some of the companies who have asked me to get in touch with them and fingers crossed i could have some internships and placements lined up for me after i graduate.Whilst looking round the show i took notes on the trends i was picking up on and was happy to notice that some of my trend predictions were popping up within various print and colour directions.
I will create a blog post explaining some of my trend predictions and also try to find good examples.For anyone who has not had the chance to visit PV i have taken a few photographs in the non restricted area to show the scale and feel to PV.


My PV Pass for the day : HANA MARIE

Group shot before entering PV.

Cleveland College of Art and Design stall has featured at Indigo for many years, each year students work is selected to be taken and is displayed in the hope of making a sale.I took 3 pieces of embroidery last year to Indigo and was lucky to get some of my minor project prints selected this year also.This year the CCAD stall made alot of sales to various companies worldwide .Companies have praised the college as students work is very high standard and innovative compared to other colleges.This year the college stall  found buyers purchasing alot of embroidery pieces with lots of conceptual direction.Here are a few photographs below showing the college stand with some of the students work.Well done CCAD.

Overall, i have had a very positive experience and have learnt alot more about the trade show business and understand the importance of PV a lot more than i did from last years trip.I have also really been inspired by looking through all the various design studio prints and also vintage archive stalls which are full of beautiful fashion pieces and collectibles, this inspiration has give me a more clear direction for my own design work .The trend vision section has been my main source of inspiration i enjoyed visiting the different trend companies and looking at all the new trends. Hopefully one day i might possibly be involved in making a difference to a company future trend predictions .I have gained alot from the trip and would love to visited again, as i really have gained alot of visual information and good contacts.I hope my press packs have made a good impression of me and hope companies like my work .I hope i have been successful with some of the companies i handed my CV to, i will just have to wait and see.

Monday, 13 February 2012

PARIS - Press Pack

Today i set off to Paris, were on Wednesday i will be attending Premiere Vision tradeshow 2012. I have created a small personal press pack with CV,  Business card, and a CD with my current and past design imagery. I will be handing these out to various companies which i am interested in working with and potentially gaining internships and placements. With good networking skills i will  hopefully be able to collect some good contacts for future reference . Wish me luck!

Here is my press pack; I have used past design work to create a floral theme.

All writing and images copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012.

Thursday, 9 February 2012

PARIS fashion week 2012 - Trend overview

Here is a look into Paris Fashion week 2012.I have selected 3 designers which have caught my eye and created interesting and fresh collections.


Every shade of blue was represented at Chanel's 2012 Couture show.The once traditional Chanel have styled their models with faux Mohawks and fascinators. The show was themed as a large aeroplane interior , so models looked as through they were walking down the drive aisle while onlookers were sat in there allocated seats. Standard tweed dress suits in powder blue, drop-waists and pocket seamed shifts with high cuffed necks, a scattering of blue sequins that shimmered with a aquatic theme .From the images above we can see longer length gowns were displayed from midnight blue to the palest shade of blue chiffon. It was a Chanel couture take on air hostess outfits chic , if only this was reality.


Another collection which has inspired me is Christian Dior's Couture collection. In the collection we see that Dior has created  another vintage-inspired collection including vintage shapes, from the  1950's to the more stern and constructed Victorian era. Floral designs were embroidered on to A-line dresses, while pencil skirts were seen in hounds tooth and grid prints. I could see a trend of mixing up of contrasting materials creating a heavy sheerness to the pieces. Layering is a key theme and we see layers of see-through tulle which were created into  dramatic gowns with volume skirts. Ruffles are certainly trending.


Valentino couture collections are always the collection i look forward to , the delicate and traditional elegance are continuously shown season after season. From this collection i feel a very regal theme surrounding the Spring Couture collection. This give me the idea of the more modern monarchy which exists today, so this collection is made to suit the younger generation of royalty like our own Kate Middleton, this collection is made for a young princess.White and ivory knee-length dresses along with traditional floor length gowns.A lot of sheer fabrics and lace give a traditional look but styled and created to give a contemporary look. Feathery light floral prints give a subtle demure.I can see throughout other collection a lot of more  high-frilled collars and sheer organza sleeves are trending throughout these spring collections as spring/summer weather sees the consumer wearing more covered up garments.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Tweet Tweet

I have just made a new twitter account which i am dedicating to my design work and also promoting my blog profile. Feel free to follow and tweet me .


Link : twitter.com


Asos trend direction

In the latest copy of ASOS magazine i received a nice big S/S 12 Trend poster.On the back of the poster it shows all the trend broken down in sections and also imagery to back up the ideas from various S/S12 collections .This is helping me keep on track when drawing my imagery which will translate into print collection, so i have hung it up in my bay which has filled the white back wall with a lovely spring summer colour pallet.

ASOS Trend poster
Small photograph boards - Colour influence

Few more drawings which i have developed onto A2 sheets mixed with geometric imagery

All images and writing copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012

Saturday, 4 February 2012

Business cards

My business cards have finally arrived.I have ordered a set of 50 cards which has 15 different designs of my work on, i plan to take these to Indigo trade show to help promote myself and my work.I am really happy with how they turned out they look very professional and i am looking forward to handing them out in Paris.Here is a peek of some of the designs.

All images and writing copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012

Friday, 3 February 2012

 The Nail art trend is set to grow more in 2012 .When browsing on Tumblr today i found so many different nail art designs. I have chosen these images as the colours are very directional and some of the nail prints are very influential to my print ideas.The designs below i have chosen as they have caught my attention for the innovative use of colour and shape on such little surface space.From looking at the S/S 12 catwalk collections i have seen a lot more contemporary designers have spread there prints and shapes onto the models nails.The quirky designer Meadham Kirchhoff has created his own line of nail art in the from of nail wraps which are available online from mid February very cute but also very controversial :

All writing copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012


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