Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New york New york !

Recently i have just got back from a 6 day trip to New york.I had the best time and seen so much amazing things which have inspired me. Here are some images that show you some of the findings at new york.I was also there whilst the 9/11 memorial was being held and was lucky to see the light display of where the twin towers once stood.Amazing trip and defiantly need to go back ASAP!

strawberry fields .. central park
A devoted John lennon fan left this amazing tribute .

Strawberry fields : Floral tribute

Hire a bike for New York fashion week & Molly Award winning bakery
Tiles of America : 9/11 mermorial

Thrid Year

Third year is finally here and the work load has already begun!.My theme is a mix of current and future trends.I have a really good how to develop this idea onto my major project so i feel quiet positive about my ideas.This minor project is mainly going to be floral based but by using colour and composition create designs which would be on trend for A/W season.Jumbled is my theme , basically i wanted to created the idea of jumbling imagery in this case contrasting flowers.Throughout my drawing sheets i have tried to draws as many various flowers and hopefully once developed will combined in a unique way.I have 3 finished boards showing my ideas which i am pleased with i just need to finish my brief and maybe develop and create some more drawing sheets.I am hoping to stay on track as in 2 weeks time i am off to Mud pie so i need to get everything on track so i dont slip behind to much.Here are some images of my 3rd year bay and my 3 concept boards , drawing sheets will follow when i complete them.


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