Thursday, 24 November 2011

Visual drawings.

I know i have created my blog progression a bit back to front but here is some of my drawings that helped me develop my designs onto creating my final collection of work.I used a variation of primary and secondary sources to create these drawings sheets.The idea behind these sheets were to create a 'jumbled' collection of florals , traditional to exotic flowers, i also tried to change my drawing techniques to give a good range of experiemention.

                                          Experimental drawing workshop drawing sheet .

All these images are copyrighted by Hannah Marie Muers 2011©

Final collection - Print Clash - JUMBLED

As promised i have borrowed my friend SLR camera to photograph my minor project work in better quality , to show you the patterns and finishes which i have created as my final collection of work.I have broken down my collection to show my inspiration that has helped me develop my design work.

Final collection : A/W 12 - Print clash - JUMBLED

Concept board - Mood board 

Colour pallet : Contemporary A/W

Colour concept -Inspiration/direction

Market research - S/S 12 - A/W 12 - A/W 11 inspiration

Product board pieces : Pussy bow oversized mac

Cropped blouse / 1940 A-Line ruffled skirt

Fitted maxi dress.

1940's glamour garment inspiration - Louis Vuitton

Digital symmetry designs - Inspiration : Celine /Givenchy 2012

Floral print clash : Digital/screen printed designs
Runway inspiration - Colour direction - Dries van noten/Marc by Marc Jacobs 2012

Delicate Devore design - Pattern colour inspiration - Valentino 

                                       Floral digital print inspiration - Givenchy 2012


         Topshop unique - Example of print clash styling & Print clash on the runway

                                                           Screen printing sampling.

 I think that my work would fit into the fashion commercial market .I think my work relates to the new in Zara collection.


All designs and prints are copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2011 ©


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