Monday, 4 April 2011

Cotfield mirrors

I visted Newcastle market on sunday and i came across this stall which sold bespoke mirrors. I fell in love with this one it had beautiful smashed vintage plates moasiced with glass , which is then finished off with a soild frame of carved ood in a quirky heart shape .I really love the mix of vintage tradtional patterned pottery and natural wood which creates such a contmepoary unquie mirror.

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Saturday, 2 April 2011

The model Agency

I am so obsessed with the model agency the models , fashion shows , bitching and Carole ! . I would love to work at premier !!

Hallmark competition

To complete the card and gift project we had to present our final collections to Claire Hopkins from Hallmark . I painted my work bay to make to all nice and fresh and professional then presented my 3 final collection and my mood board on my boards . After waiting for Claire to look around all of our work she then told us the results of the competition . Hallmark were very impressed by the classes work and were very lovely about my work , they really liked the use of colours and my Mood board so they have offered me a work placement over summer to work within the trend department , i was very shocked and very excited as i really want to work in the trend industry and this experience will really help me learn more about the industry.Here my final work.

House Clearance

Found this 1920 dressing table at a house clearance I want it so much :(
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Typewriter Bargin

Here is my new 1970's typewriter only £10 such a barging full working and in very good condition .
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Beautiful Paris

There was so many beautiful things to see in Paris here is just a few .

Friday, 1 April 2011


While our work was getting exhibited exhibited at Indigo trade show we had 4 days to explore Paris . I had such a good time with my friends and got to see all the beauty of Paris . We also had a cheeky trip to Disneyland . Heres some photographs to show some of the places we visited.

Eiffel Tower & Notre Dame


Indigo Trade Show Paris

My three fashion designs got picked to be exibited at Indigo Trade show in Paris .Here is some photograph of the CCAD stall at Indigo which some of the students took on work experience , on these photographs two of my designs are on the top of the pile.

Knitting and Stitching Show Harrogate

For my work experience i volunteered to work on the CCAD stall, at the Harrogate Knitting and Stitching trade show. This trade show is held every year in Harrogate , the show is mainly presents many colleges , universities and companies work which focus there pieces on hand crafted designs. There is a lot of various fabric shops and also workshops where paying visitors can create there own work to take home.Me and my friend phillipa along with 2 CCAD staff worked on the college stall on the last day which was a Sunday .Firstly we had to set the stall out and make sure the work which that was arranged around the stall looked professional and we also had to arrange and style the students work on the table to make it look appealing . As part of our course fundraising some textile students created items to sell on the stall to profit the degree show.We sold quite a lot of various items from the stall and we also got to have a good look round the show , unfortunately the day got cut short due to a blizzard which came about all of a sudden meaning we had to pack up the stall quickly.Overall it was very beneficial beneficial beneficial experience .

Fashion Project - Chanson Pariseine

For this project i chose the trend Chanson Pariseine .This trend shows the romantic side to paris along with the cold industrial side to paris's large iconic archtiecture . If my final work is successful it will be sent to Indigo Trade show in Paris. For this project i wanted to create various styles to my drawings which reflected good use of colour shapes and imagery. As the weather was very bad this winter the brief assessments has changed to 3 final garments designs .For my final designs i wanted to create 3 different looks so it shows the many styles that paris has to offer .. Romantic , Fashion innovative , industrial.

Mood board

Drawing sheets


Final Design




Market Research

Fashion Research

Visual Research


This is my second year bay .. In my bay i have hung lots of visual imagery whcih will help my inspiration thoughout the project . I like my work space to be intresting and refective of me . I have found research from many different sorces as i had very good research which i collected over the summer holidays.

Second year bay


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