Friday, 19 August 2011

Internship ye

After months of emailing various trend companies , i have finally months later received work experience at Mud Pie ltd. Mud pie is a trend company which is based in rural hampshire which is going to be a big change of scenery. Over the 2 weeks i hope to gain valuable experience and become more knowledgeable about the trend industry.I am very excited and nervous but i think its a amazing opportunity the only thing i am most worried about is my minor project at college hopefully if i get ahead and stay ahead ill be able to manage . Stress stress stress .

Summer homework.

Seen as though September will be here in no time i have made a start my drawing for my minor project.I found it really hard trying to get back into drawing and design work.I have tried to focus my drawings on as many various florals i can draw and as in as many techniques as possible which is really hard as i havent drew in months.Pictures to follow when finished.


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