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Today i received a email in regards to a successful sponsorship. Throughout the week i have emailed around a lot of companies which stock, dyes, pigments and fabrics.I got a couple of responses saying that they don't offer sponsorship or they explained they had already met their budget for the year.When researching i found a website that stock spray dyes in a variety of colours, they also stock lots of innovative spray dyes like 'glow in the dark'.I emailed this company as in my drawings i have used the water spray technique to create more spontaneous patterns, so these spray dyes should come in really useful with my work.I have selected and choose the colours i want that match my colour pallet and i have  also choose a 'tie dye' mutlipack and also a puff binder spray which i have never used before.
 Thankyou Fabric

Here is the link to the website :

Here a example of another companies spray dye , just to give an idea.

I will also experiment with stencilling as well as screen printing techniques .

Sunday, 29 January 2012

We'll take Manhatten

'We'll take Manhatten' 2012 is a BBC drama which has been broadcasted recently.I watched this drama the other day, and learnt a lot about how David Bailey and the unknown model Jean Shrimpton did to change the worlds view on fashion.The story which is set in the 60's shows young bailey the cockney photographer starting his career and the risks he took to gain his success today.We see bailey meet a young Jean and there love affair which grows as they work with each other.The drama then goes on to show show how bailey gained work at Vogue magazine, which at the time was leading in prestigious fashion and was over ran by women with titles and wealthy backgrounds.Bailey wanted to change all these perceptions, so he chose Jean a timid young model to fly with him to New York to created many iconic shoots which changed his life and also created a fashion movement.Bailey's strong ego and belief in change is shown strongly as he battles with the fashion editor lady C. Throughout the drama we see how forward thinking bailey is and how New York and London were needing to change to embraced the times,to what we now know as young culture.This two young people had no intentions to make such big change in the fashion world to date, and Vogue and all other fashion publications would of never developed forward if it wasn't for bailey strong creative vision and Jean distinctive young natural look.

Here is a link to watch this online on BBC i-player :

Aneurin Barnard & Karen Gillan : Playing David Bailey & Jean Shrimpton

Orginal photgraph of Bailey and Jean 1962

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Saturday, 28 January 2012

Print inspiration - Liberty

In my brief i have mentioned about the liberty revival so i want to try include this element into my work.When i was last at London i visited liberty's to see what new season prints they had in store.I also took close attention to the liberty classic and also the s/s section which will be more suitable for my collection of work.Here are some of the new season collections which are inspiring my work;

New Season :

These new season prints by Mistral A Tana Lawn from the SS12 Visualiser collection. I hope to develop my designs into this similar format , creating shapes from florals which almost look unrecognisable.I will also try these designs in various colourways to experiment to see which works best to meet my brief and colour pallet.

Overexposed Vs Detail :

Umbria B Tana Lawn from the SS12 Digital collection. This is one of my most inspiring prints , so simple yet so effective.The mix of classic liberty print which as been edited to give a more contempt and eye catching feel.

Overlayering :

Tiers of Light B Tana Lawn from the SS12 Digital collection. This collection uses a combination of photography and digital manipulation of design work , which creates a very unknown feel.I will think about maybe incorporating photographs into my work to add a more realistic feel and also give the print a more realistic edge.

Nature pattern :
Wookey Hole A Tana Lawn from the SS12 Digital collection. Here is another print from the previous designer , this time she has enhanced her drawings from natural surroundings.

All images and writing copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012 if stated otherwise.

All images from :

Fashion inspiration - Erdem

Erdem is one of the man inspiration and influences towards my final collection of work, i hope i can incorporate some of these ideas into my own design work.I have been browsing through the erderm archive on there web page looking at  how the prints have developed over the years.I want to take some of the following elements into my design work;

Abstract print:

This print relates perfectly to my 'Beauty in chaos' trend as it is created from natural imagery then edited and developed digitally to create these beautiful  design.Iam hoping to expand my knowledge and try to create these designs by using screen print and the help of the digital printer.I want colour pallet to be a lot more delicate and subtle but i think what i have learnt from this print is i need a accent colour make the print more interesting and eye catching.

Overexposed :

Here is another example of a more overexposed element to a floral print i also want to explore this design style into my work as it gives a chaotic feel.

Dye :

This early Erdem design is the colour pallet that's more suitable for my spring theme as i want it to look dusky and not as obviously spring wear.I also really like this watercolour style fabric dying which i could develop and experiment in the dye lab to create a similar effect.

Detail :

I also really like how Erdem is catching onto innovative detail, like laser cutting fabric to create more interesting pattern adding depth and interest and making use of negative space .

Bold print :

Erderm has also influenced my 'eccentric nature' trend, Erdem S/S & A/W contains alot of bright florals mixed with alot of dark elements which gives that obvious print clash look.For all some of the previous prints  are more blurred and overexposed, erdem also do more bold and graphic style of print, which i want to also develop into my work to make the collection differ.

Tradtional :

Here is an example of a more traditional style floral print, which has been overlayed in a contemporary and Erdem style.

Geometric :
As i have said in my brief i really want to experiment with geometric and art deco style shapes.Here is another example of a more geometric chaotic print which is a mixture of overexposed prints to more graphic floral prints, which have been pieced together in a miss match fashion.

Print Clash :

These images below are some of my favourite Erdem images, these photograph were captured from backstage of the some of the past Erderm catwalks.When the collection is put together it creates such a beautiful clash of colour and design and this is what i want to achieve when creating my own print collection.

Images from 

All images and writing copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012 is stated different .

Flowers & Foliage

Finally getting into drawing this week, i have choose a variety of floral's to draw from to give me a wide range imagery which will benefit me in the development process.I am going to try aim to create about 15 drawings sheets which include lots of techniques and also try and fill the pages as much as needed to give lots of information.

Some more photographs of my drawings - to be completed.

Experimental layering of natural pattern

Variety of hydrangea drawings

Colour clashing 

Delicate & harsh floral drawings

 Lilly foliage

Abstract floral

All images and writing copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012


This week was also my dissertation deadline, I was so happy i had completed my dissertation in good time just took a little bit of stress away. For my dissertation subject i chose to look into the life and work of Anna Wintour the editor in chief of Vogue US . At first i thought it would be really easy to find out lots of information about her as she is such a well known figure , but i soon found she is very private and there is very limited sources documented.I found most of my information for Blogs and 'The September issue Dvd'.To make my dissertation more of an interesting case study i linked it to my career aspirations into being a trend forecaster and began to ask and investigate to find out if one of the most important women in fashion effect and creates trends.I enjoyed writing as i haven't done a lot in the last couple of years and its hopefully developed my report skills.To make my dissertation more creative and appealing i created a mock up of my own Vogue cover which i made look into the US September issue.

Dissertation all copied & bound

Front View

Side View

Anna Wintour & Grace Coddington

All writing and images copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012

Friday, 27 January 2012


This week has been very productive Here is my work i have sent for selection for Indigo Paris , so fingers crossed some of my 'jumbled' minor project could maybe be taken.This year me and 4 other students have decided to visit the trade show ourselves. We think it would be a really good opportunity to preview other designer works for inspiration but to also promote ourselves to companies to hopefully created some good contacts which could potential lead to a future placement.The show is mainly to present new fashion fabrics but premiere vision offers a large trend section 'Trendvision' which i am very interesting in visiting . For more details and information of this trade show you can look online

'Jumbled' collection all labelled for Indigo selection.

All images & Writing copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012

Thursday, 19 January 2012


As i was wanting to create very experimental and textural backgrounds , i purchased a marbling kit online and thought this would be a perfect technique for my work.Marbling is so simple and so effective so me and Helen & Becca thought we would create some A3 size marble Art. I only had five colours in my pack so we tried our best to mix them together to create shade and tone , that would relate to our colour themes. Here is the process step by step;

1. We started by selecting our colours and dripping them in a sink full of cold water .

2. Once your happy with the colours , you then gently stir the water to create a interesting pattern , the more you stir the smaller the colour blobs will appear , the weaker the colour will be.

3. Then lay gently a piece of paper/fabric on top on the water surface and press lightly to absorb the pattern.

4. Gently lift out of the water and shake off the excess water and dye.

5 . Turn over the paper and see what pattern you have created , simple as that.

6. You usually get about 3 or 4 prints from the coloured water .It will gradually fade after each piece  creating a more dull and light effect , but still successful print

7. Spread the paper out over a large table or place into a drying cabinet and leave to dry from about 15 minutes .

8 . Here is the results of some of our marble prints , they  all worked very successfully and have all created a different effect each time.These patterns are very intricate and will be perfect to develop into screen print / digital print and eventually can be put onto fabric designs or paper designs.

All images copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012 .

Final Major project.

Its took me a few weeks to get into the FMP especially with other deadlines and placement , but i have finally made a start to my work.I began by thoroughly researching my two trends and finding research from all sources to hang in my bay for inspiration.Once my research was up i began by looking though all my primary research to see what imagery i can create into designs.Here are some photographs of my current bay all my inspiration research of my Beauty in chaos trend and also my eccentric nature trend. I have then photographed some stages of my experimental backgrounds.I really want to create pattern and texture with my backgrounds as i think i could take these onto development .

         Eccentric Nature - Inspiration 

Beauty in chaos - Inspiration

Messy bay 

 Background preparation & Initial drawings 

Orchid drawings & Photgraphs 


 More backgrounds

In progress ..

All images & Writing copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012


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