Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Chanel - S/S Paris 2012

 When looking at runway collections i always look at chanel collections first as they put on such a inspiring show.This year was no different Karl Lagerfeld and his creative team turned the grand palais in Paris into a underwater wonderland. A large shell centred the show which was created as a stage for the talented Florence Welch from Florence and the machine.While models walked round the shell Florence sang songs from her debut single 'what the water gave us' to tie in the underwater theme .Her voice and echoing harp created a surreal atmosphere. models showed off pearls, tweed and tulle inspired by the sea-Think shells and pearlescent colors.Florence is rumoured to be becoming endorsed for Chanel and her latest video preview a collection of chanel couture.

Florence Welch performance & Show

Florence and the machine - Shake it out

Photographs of Karl lagerfeld & Florence Welch

Chanel - Prints & Embellishment 

Runway inspiration - S/S New York 2012 RTW

Wilst on work expereince i was very inspired by 2012 ready to wear collections which i think links to my minor projects heres some of the designers i have found most inspring.

Christopher Kane


Mary Katrantzou

Basso & Brooke


I came across this video when i went  to the trend boutique trend forecasting workshop.I found it really interesting it doesn't make much sense at first view the video, but when you watch it again you begin to understand the meaning especially from a trend view .Basically a angered and frustrated french streer artist Kidult is infatuation by the commercialisation of the graffiti movement, Kidult has taken to the streets of Paris in an effort to reclaim his craft. In a retaliation against major luxury labels, Kidult has tagged a string of stores in recent months .Such as colette, Agn├ęs b, JC/DC , Dior and Supreme. The video above features a one-on-one interview with Kidult in his workshop and follows along as the vandal hits several major Parisian shopping destinations.

I also found that this video relates to trends such as 'Radical' which stands for various themes as ; mixing things up creating controversy ,creating a change to the country, using unexpected techniques,urban rebellion,attacks on stores ,sign of protest, time for change, no boundaries of technology,defacing & creating new propaganda .This way of thinking and this theme would reflect how fashion is changed for example; print and knit mixes,contrasting layers,harsh undertones of dark tones.Heres some images of the stores after Kildult work.

Mudpie -MdpClick.com

Over my 2 weeks works experience i have gained a lot of vauble knowledge into the trend industry.I have really got into the trend for S/S 13 and have learnt how trends are created and developed.Over the two weeks i was helping the team prepare and create for there trend focus section of the mdpclick site which will be going live 21/10/2011.I was mainly focusing on women and mens garments and accessories reports but also helped the team with other aspects.Here is the link to the website , you can only preview certain parts as of the site as you pay a yearly subscription for the service.

This is mudpie its spread over 3 units and its situated in such a rural part of Hampshire is quiet unbelievably unbelievably high of activity which goes on under this roof.

Mudpie studio offices


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