Thursday, 23 September 2010

Butterfly Beauty.

The theme opal offers so many options to explore , one of the main themes is insects .I am not a great lover of insects or in art work really so i thought i would look at a insect that i found most intresting .From this i decided to visit the local butterfly centre which is just along the road in Yarm Preston Park. I found this trip very befical as i got some really cool photos heres a couple of my best shots .

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


During the summer me and my friends from uni visited ' New designers 2011' This trade show is held every year for all graduates.Only the best of each uni work is chosen .We went down to see all the new ideas and also to get inspiration for my own work. Here's a photo of the Cleveland college of art and design stand.

Well also visited Chelsea Harbour design centre as we needed to collect new research on our chosen interior trend.I made sure that i was very careful choosing my samples so they will benefit my work.We finally visited the V&A for more historical references.

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Summer Project.

As a textile designer its natural to start any project with research .By doing creditable research it helps me learn more about current market research which keeps me aware of the current and future trends.It is also very important to collect visual research for this project i have visited many different places to collect my research such as , London , barcelona spain and the south of france. For this project i have been given four themes to choose from these are; Contour,Punch,Roma and Opal .
These are all current trends from the ' Mix interior ' Journal.By reading carefully into my theme i have choose the them of Opal as i really like the contrast between delicate art deco /art nouveou against the harsh Egyptian design.

Friday, 10 September 2010

Period Project - Sketchbook.


Drawings and experimentation.

Throughout this project i also created a sketchbook to show my journey throughout this project.I have drawings and samples which reflect my drawing sheets and also my development.To keep my designs current and on trend i also researched though interior journal and magazines so whilst researching i have also added this into my sketchbook.

Period Project - Rococo.

Development ideas.

Black & White layout.

Colour experiment.

Design ideas.
During contextual studies , we have learnt about many different style periods concentrating on the decorative arts .I have learnt a lot about all the decorative arts periods in depth but the period that interested me most , is the roccoco era.I really like how shot lived this period was but was so influential to interiors and fashion though the Britain and the rest of europe.This is the biggest brief we have been given , from this project we would create designs for interiors and fashion , meaning i will have to create a length of printed furnishing and three designs for fashion.Heres some photographs of my initial design sheets , further development .

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Embroidery Samples.

As well as creating a experimental print collection i also had to create a collection of embroidery samples .When creating compositions for the embroidery i did make them very abstracted but i didn't want it to be as abstract as i make my prints collection , so to define them i thought of more controlled and details designs for my embroidery work as i would give it a more professional feel.By creating a more controlled environment for my design it helped me to learn new skills and techniques and put them into practise throughout my collection.In my other colleges i did not really use hand embroidery a lot so it was when creating these pieces i now know that i have to devote a lot of time to make the pieces look right and up to a degree standard as i did find myself rushing when i came to the deadline of this project.Heres three pieces from my collection.

Experimental Prints.

Here is my collection of first prints , that i created by hand using a silkscreen template .This is the first time i have ever used this technique and at first i did find it changlling as i needed to learn about the materialsthat i was dying and printing onto , dying fabric properly , and finally using the right colours and printing techniques to give my work the best results .For this brief we needed to be very experimental but create two themed collections which were taken from my visual language work in a abstract fashion.After long days in the dye lab and print room i came up with my collection of work which showed all techniques and skills i had learnt in 5 weeks.

Technique's used : Discharging , Acid dyes, reactive dyes , pigment ,foil , heat transfer.

Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sketchbook .

Heres some pages out of my sketchbook for my first project which is visual language .I am very comfortable working in sketchbook so this has come easy to me , here is a couple of pages which show the style of my work. The base of my drawings are florals and foliage , we also had to use our new art box materials to the best of our abilities and really experiment with colours and mark making techniques.


I am currently into the first two months into my course at CCAD, its been alot different to what i have been used to in previous colleges, but after 8 short weeks i have learnt so much about the degree that i am studying and the opportunities of what i could achieve in the future. This is the first blog i have ever created and this is my first post so i hope that with time i will learn to use this blog to the best of my advantage and upload my current and past work .


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