Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Thrid Year

Third year is finally here and the work load has already begun!.My theme is a mix of current and future trends.I have a really good how to develop this idea onto my major project so i feel quiet positive about my ideas.This minor project is mainly going to be floral based but by using colour and composition create designs which would be on trend for A/W season.Jumbled is my theme , basically i wanted to created the idea of jumbling imagery in this case contrasting flowers.Throughout my drawing sheets i have tried to draws as many various flowers and hopefully once developed will combined in a unique way.I have 3 finished boards showing my ideas which i am pleased with i just need to finish my brief and maybe develop and create some more drawing sheets.I am hoping to stay on track as in 2 weeks time i am off to Mud pie so i need to get everything on track so i dont slip behind to much.Here are some images of my 3rd year bay and my 3 concept boards , drawing sheets will follow when i complete them.

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