Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Mudpie -MdpClick.com

Over my 2 weeks works experience i have gained a lot of vauble knowledge into the trend industry.I have really got into the trend for S/S 13 and have learnt how trends are created and developed.Over the two weeks i was helping the team prepare and create for there trend focus section of the mdpclick site which will be going live 21/10/2011.I was mainly focusing on women and mens garments and accessories reports but also helped the team with other aspects.Here is the link to the website , you can only preview certain parts as of the site as you pay a yearly subscription for the service.

This is mudpie its spread over 3 units and its situated in such a rural part of Hampshire is quiet unbelievably unbelievably high of activity which goes on under this roof.

Mudpie studio offices

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