Sunday, 13 November 2011

Developing & Digital Finals

With only a week to go till deadline i really needed to make some decisions and choose which designs i want to have as my final collection.As i have missed 2 weeks of the project i have found it difficult to catch up but i think now i am starting to see the end result.Here is a photographs of my final digital out outcomes from these i can select and reject which designs are going to be finals, the rest i will experiment and enhance in the print room, this will widen my development skills and hopefully get me more prepared for final major project.

                                                                Final digital outcomes :
From these i will select and mount the best A2 designs , the others i will work into or just leave as developed samples.

                                       Sketchbook development : Kodatraces & Digital process
           Showing step by step stages to my end results . Annotation is still needed to be written.

Devore Sampling : Experimenting with over printing and one pull through screens

I really liked the one pull through of this Devore sample, as the pattern is so busy it keeps the design interesting .As my collection theme is ' Jumbled ' i am hoping to combine various fabrics and techniques to make a interesting finished collection.Mixture of tonal colours reflecting a autumn colour pallet.

To do ..
Over the weekend i have sorted all my development sketchbook into a formal order from this i can get into the print room and know exactly what i need to do to each piece of fabric as all last week i was so unsure of which techniques to use.All i need to do is keep to my to do list to tie up all the loose ends and hopefully i can finish my project happy.

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