Thursday, 19 January 2012


As i was wanting to create very experimental and textural backgrounds , i purchased a marbling kit online and thought this would be a perfect technique for my work.Marbling is so simple and so effective so me and Helen & Becca thought we would create some A3 size marble Art. I only had five colours in my pack so we tried our best to mix them together to create shade and tone , that would relate to our colour themes. Here is the process step by step;

1. We started by selecting our colours and dripping them in a sink full of cold water .

2. Once your happy with the colours , you then gently stir the water to create a interesting pattern , the more you stir the smaller the colour blobs will appear , the weaker the colour will be.

3. Then lay gently a piece of paper/fabric on top on the water surface and press lightly to absorb the pattern.

4. Gently lift out of the water and shake off the excess water and dye.

5 . Turn over the paper and see what pattern you have created , simple as that.

6. You usually get about 3 or 4 prints from the coloured water .It will gradually fade after each piece  creating a more dull and light effect , but still successful print

7. Spread the paper out over a large table or place into a drying cabinet and leave to dry from about 15 minutes .

8 . Here is the results of some of our marble prints , they  all worked very successfully and have all created a different effect each time.These patterns are very intricate and will be perfect to develop into screen print / digital print and eventually can be put onto fabric designs or paper designs.

All images copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012 .

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