Friday, 24 February 2012

Guest Blogger for FASHION VIGNETTE

Here is my first trend concept post for the fashion blog Fashion Vignette . Each week i will try to create a concept which is directional but also easy to understand from a print/pattern view. This week i took inspiration from A/W collections and created a concept called 'Mighnight Merge' As you can see this concept is a follow up from the big trend of 'watercolor' patterns.I have seen here that designers have used a lot of natural inspiration and translated these ideas into abstract prints which have a lot of depth and texture involved.These are the key elements to this concept;


Creating natural pattern with abstracted nature

Natural imagery inspirations from : Fire, Volcano and Wild Forest
Futuristic Elements and Ideas - Forward thinking.
Development from S/S Watercolour trend.
Dark Natural colour palette with tonal yet bright accents.        

Here is my concept board i have created for PV . I am now a guest blogger for the site so i will be keeping you all up today with my blog posts.Please all take a look on very inspirational and also gives a lot of direction when researching new trend ideas.

All writing and photographs copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012

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