Saturday, 17 March 2012

The Faberge egg hunt London 2012

Whilst on my recent visit to London i spotted lots of the Faberge eggs which are part of the big egg hunt in honour of two important London based charities. 200 uniquely crafted eggs by leading artist and designers, as well as architect and jewellers have all got together to make this egg hunt exciting and lots of fun.By reading the egg zone map you can follow the egg hut and hopefully find all 200 eggs which are dotted round the capital, its very interactive as you can text and go online to get involved.The winners prize is quiet amazing as it will be a beautifully specially crafted Faberge egg, which is worth over £100.000 and will include 65 gem encrusted pieces as well as the egg being 18 carat gold.This egg will symbolise an incredible trademark of iconic British celebratory years.
Here are some images taken of some of the eggs i spotted round london, enjoy !

All images and writing copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012

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