Wednesday, 14 March 2012


I have not been very good updating my blog lately (Sorry) been very busy with Final major project and organising placements/internships.I have just came back from a long weekend in London.On Friday i went for a internship interview which went very well and will hopefully be starting a placement at 'Style-sight' in the end of July.This trip to London was very important as i really wanted to explore London and get more familiar with the area as i will be living and working there, all very exciting!I tried to get lots of photographs that will inspire my new concept boards and also influence my fmp work.Here some images hope you like;

Beautiful bikes - Direction colour and vintage print.

Bright and intricate Mosaic work

Beautiful example of a vintage Sabb

Striking aqua paintwork

Colourful fruit stall

Cultural bike 

Liberty's floral 

Very inspirational florals which fit my beauty in chaos theme.

Liberty famous window displays - Promoting children's wear displaying the strong themes though creative visual merchandising

 Nostalgic theme tee pee filled with beauty soft furnishings with lots of colourful and directional naive prints.

All images and writing copyrighted to Hannah Marie Muers 2012

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