Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Nottingham - The Trend boutique UK

As i am very interested in Trend forecasting, I signed up for a talk in Nottingham which was to give a brief insight into the world of trend forecasting presented by Sally Denton founder of the The trend boutique UK.The talk was a all day event and i found every minute very interesting and meaningful.
The day was cut down into sections ;
Working in Trend forecasting
-understanding/why are trends important/methodology/mapping/Trends for AW12/13/Careers.

It made the day a lot more interesting and constantly kept the brain working.
Sally Denton was obviously very knowledgeable about her Trends and has worked in many various trend companies and has now set up her own company 'The trend boutique uk'.She gave me a lot of valuable advice and i know think i have learnt the skills about what i need to do to get onto the right career path.

Looking at the new AW12/13 were very exciting and i felt very privileged. and i look forward to seeing these trend ideas formulate to catwalk-Highstreet.

Overall this was a very good experience for me and has give me confidence to peruse what i aim to do in the future which is Trend forecasting.

Here some images to preview the AW trend reports :
Fragility Trend - Life&Death/Urban/Sense of mourning/Beneath the skin

Sharp Trend - New millinals /Post modernisation/Intelligence/New type of hero

The rest i cannot show for copyright laws.

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