Saturday, 9 July 2011

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Following my trip to new designers i was asked to guest blog for a trend blog site, heres the link below.

This is a was good opportunity to show my skills for looking for new and inspiring trends and will also be very good to have on CV to improve my chances in getting to the trend industry.When i went to the show i looked for work which i thought was inspirational for colour, style and composition and finally have innovative ideas.I walked round the new designers show were i picked 5 new graduate designers that i thought had amazing work and also have a interesting concepts for the blog that i was reporting for.I wanted to make sure the report was professional and interesting so i made sure that i got good information about each designer work and there ideas and inspiration behind there final collections.It was tough getting it down to 5 but i was pleased with the 5 designers i choose.When i got home i edited the photographs and began to write a report about my trip to new designers.I emailed the post off and got a very positive response back of the directors/editors of the trend blog.I then received a email to say that i had been successful and i was now i official guest blogger for the site. The following day i then received another email saying the trend blog was very impressed and have shared the blog post with two interior blogs which iam so happy about.Here the following links for my report :

Iam just writing my new guest blog post entry which will be a report on a local interior company.

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