Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Extra Development & Sketckbook

Final Screen printing development :
Here is the photographed images of me developing my samples into final designs.I started my final development by still being very experimental.I began to create my backgrounds to my final screen printed designs by using various methods i used whilst sampling to create successful finals.I used a mixture of discharge and illuminated discharge , i then added the discharge into a water spray so when i sprayed onto the fabric it would give the idea of pattern and texture to the fabric, bleaching away certain bits of the dyed fabric this will add depth and tonal qualities also used elastic bands and a dry roller to use the discharge and illuminated discharge spontaneously to give the effect of a busy background.The images below show the design being created and then the design after it has been ironed and steamed to show the full effect.I really like how the colours have combined to create different shades.


Overlaying :
As i have only created 4 screens , i thought it was imported to experiment with overlaying my designs to create another design which will fit more with my jumbled theme.To do this i decided to use my kodatraces designs which i could layer to see how they would look.I tried this in various compositions and then transferred these ideas onto fabric experimenting further with methods and techniques.

Colour :
Whilst in the print room i have tried to keep my colours in line with my colour concept boards.I think i have used about 9 dye baths and then used about 8-9 colours to use whilst printing.I have learnt its important to keep to a colour way which blends but doesn't appear boring and repetitive so when i develop onto major project i will maybe use about 15 colours varying with print techniques . Just before i finished my last pull through i decided to do one last pull though with each screen onto paper using the remaining colours i have used throughout my printing , i put each colour at the top of the screen and pulled it through simultaneously to create a rainbow effect.These images below show colours i have been using in the print room , a pile of experimental samples, and finally the screen which i used to pull my remaining colours through my designs showing a beautiful autumn pallet.

Here is some images of my development sketchbook, i haven't photographed everything this is to show you some of the stages of my development start to finish.Throughout my work i have been very inspired about what is happening now so i have tried my best to link my work to over peoples work and colour ideas.

Black and white development for screen printing.

Digital development.

Digital fabric development.

                                            Digital & Screen printing experimentation.

Dying fabrics & Experimental dying.

                                            Further development Digital & Screen printing.

Final paper colour pull through.

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