Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Final Collection - Minor project over

As my Nikon camera is broken the quality of my images haven't been the best on my blog for a while .I am still waiting for it to get repaired, so i have taken some images of my final collection but i am going to borrow a camera once my work is marked to photograph the full project so i can display on my blog and for my digital log.Overall i have found the project a massive learning curve but i think i have achieved what i set out to do and create a collection of work showing a print clash but still have combining features which draw the collection together.I was very rushed on the deadline day so i wish i give myself more time to present my work but i tried to show my work as a jumbled mis match collection.Here are some images i have taken but once my camera is back or i can borrow a better quality camera i will upload the rest of my project from concept and visual work to final designs.

Inital images : More to come 

Product board 

All designs & Writing copied to Hannah Marie Muers  © 
More images coming soon of full project and final collection of work....

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