Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Minor project - Digtial Development

As i was on work experience , i missed the first stages of development for my project , even though i planned to do a lot of college work while on work experience i really didn't have much time and didn't really feel motivated to do .Over the weekend i did try and develop some photoshop designs.I scanned all my visual work previous of work experience and i began to develop some ideas on photoshop initially i did not like any of my first designs but once i got into it, i started to create designs which could maybe be created into a  potential collect of work , it was also better going back to college with something rather than nothing.When i came back to college i created more designs which i thought looked more relative to my theme.So i began to develop them more printing copies as i went to see how the colours looked in paper.I then sent my designs to get digitally printed onto a light silk twill fabric . I sent 30 samples which varied in colour ways and size.Once i printed these samples off i could then pic which were most successful and proceed to get my prints printed samples size about A4 A3.

Heres some photographs off my digital print samples that i have created,packing the fabric up so it is ready to be steamed & hung to dry.

I am quiet pleased with some of my prints so from these samples so i can now  pick which designs i want to use for my final A2 collection.I will also decide which designs i can enhance further  using screen printing techniques when appropriate.

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